For your convenience, you may fill out a patient information form prior to your assessment at Palo Verde Behavioral Health (PVBH): PVBH Registration Form. Please bring this form with you when you visit PVBH.

Palo Verde Behavioral Health is focused on solutions. Each day we focus all of our resources and energies on one goal: to provide the highest quality, modern, and most cost effective behavioral services available.

Our focus on solutions for our patients means that we are constantly working to maximize our care so that every service we provide is designed to produce the most clinically appropriate and cost effective solutions to the serious problems facing our patients.

We remain focused on our goals through constant and ongoing monitoring of our systems, programs, outcomes, patient and referral source satisfaction. We utilize this information to constantly improve upon our systems, treatment protocols, and outcomes, to further benefit our patients.

At PVBH, we live our mission of providing modern psychiatric and addictive treatment to those individuals, their families and loved ones who suffer from severe mental or addictive illnesses.