What to Expect

Patient Expectations for Outpatient Group Services

THERAPY: Our program uses a group therapy model, which includes Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other cognitive-based treatment modalities. When applicable, we also integrate 12-step, relapse prevention, and other recovery-based models when applicable. Handouts and a notebook are provided and each patient is expected to bring their notebook to every meeting.

GROUP FACILITATORS: All groups are facilitated by Masters-level therapists and supervised by the clinical director.
PSYCHIATRIC CARE: State regulations require that our program provides an evaluation for each patient by a psychiatric provider during the 1st week of admission and, after 30 days of admission; if you do not have a psychiatrist, the staff can assist in connecting you with a psychiatric provider.

SAFETY & CONFIDENTIALITY: We promote a group environment that is safe, non-judgmental, and affirming. Your cooperation with maintaining confidentiality, safety, nonjudgment, and support for others is expected and appreciated. What is said in group stays in group.

SNACKS: Palo Verde provides water, tea, and a small snack each group day. No outside food or drink will be allowed in group rooms. If you have a specific dietary need, arrangements will be made to accommodate your needs.

INITIAL EXPECTATIONS: You will likely be anxious around new people and in a new place. This is normal. Additionally, people seem to make a full transition in as much two weeks. Please attend for at least 3 sessions before making any conclusions about your program.

COMMITMENT: This program requires a commitment from you. You are expected to attend every group, be on time and call us if you are unable to attend your scheduled group.

TIME OFF: Please call your therapist directly when you are not able to attend group so staff and group members know that you are safe. Schedule appointments outside of your treatment times. Except for sicknesses and unforeseen circumstances, each patient is expected to attend and be on time for all groups as scheduled.
Excessive absences (2 or more) will lead to a discussion with your therapist. Arriving late or leaving early may count as a full absence from the session.
If you are unable to attend group, the absence will be considered “Excused” only when the call/voicemail is received before the start of that group, all others will be considered “Unexcused.”
Tardiness will be addressed by the group therapist. To respect your time and the time of everyone else, please make efforts to be on time.

SUBSTANCE USE: You will not be allowed to attend outpatient treatment under the influence of alcohol or any other mood altering substance that impairs your judgement. When this situation occurs, the group process is less useful for all involved and the environment ceases to be therapeutic for all involved. You may likely be asked to leave. If this expectation is not upheld by the patient, that person may be discharged from the program at the staff’s discretion.

CELL PHONES & COURTESY: Cell phones and all other electronic devices are not allowed inside any group room. Please avoid all side-chatting and show respect so that no one is interrupted while sharing in group.

MEDICATION COMPLIANCE: If you are prescribed psychiatric medications by a physician, please take them as prescribed. If you have questions about your medication and/or side effects, please consult with your prescriber immediately. A nurse can be arranged to see you to determine if any life threatening concerns exist and/or an alternative for you if deemed appropriate.

PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALIZATION: Our staff seeks to keep you out of the hospital and functioning in your normal outpatient setting/home. Sometimes, however, a person’s symptoms and the presence of danger to yourself and/or another may require psychiatric hospitalization. When this situation occurs or negative symptoms are present, our staff will notify you and/or arrange for you to receive a psychosocial assessment to best determine your needs. Your safety is our number one priority.
SAFETY: Safety is a priority at Palo Verde Behavioral Health. If you fail to call in your absence from group, staff will try to reach you by phone within 12 hours to confirm you are safe.