Palo Verde currently offers six outpatient tracks to meet the needs of the community. 

The Outpatient Program is an eight week program with flexible scheduling to accommodate individual’s time constraints. The program can be especially useful when traditional outpatient treatment has not been effective in fully meeting your needs or as a step-down therapy from an inpatient Palo Verde Behavioral Health hospitalization. Outpatient provides intensive treatment and skill building that stabilizes your mood and improves your functioning in a safe and nurturing setting. This group-based therapy format allows you to learn from others and gain needed support while allowing you to maintain regular activities in your family, job, and community.

Our Outpatient Program has several distinct programs to support your treatment needs:

  • Self Discovery – For adults with emotional or behavioral issues
  • Professionals – For adults with active careers
  • Moving Beyond – For adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction
  • Perfectly Me – Adolescent Program – For teens, ages 12 to 17

Outpatient Program is designed to facilitate intensive treatment and skill building which will stabilize mood and improve functioning in a safe and nurturing setting.

The supportive therapeutic environment may be the boost many people need to overcome significant mental health symptoms and allow them  to function better  in their community, workplace and/or family.

Program Expectations

Patients in any Outpatient Programs are expected to:

  • Practice independent self-care and mobility
  • Provide their own transportation to and from sessions
  • Maintain current medication schedule  as prescribed by their referring doctor, if warranted
  • Actively participate and benefit from treatment
  • Continue participating in any additional outpatient therapy services 

Please call (520) 322-2887 for additional information.