Adult Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Co-occurring Disorders treatment at Palo Verde Behavioral Health provides inpatient care for adult patients with concurrent mental illness and substance abuse issues. An interdisciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses, clinical therapists, discharge planners, and certified chemical dependency counselors works with patients to develop and implement an individualized treatment plan within a group-oriented program.

Treatment at Palo Verde Behavioral Health is designed to address a wide range and severity of symptoms. The goal is to stabilize the acute symptoms of the mental illness while providing evaluation, education, and initial treatment for addiction and substance abuse issues.

Co-occurring Disorders groups focus on education and skill development. Topics addressed in these groups include:

  • Biological, psychological, and social aspects of psychiatric illness and addiction
  • Interactions between psychiatric illness and addiction
  • Holistic perspective of addiction
  • Identification and management of symptoms
  • Denial and defense mechanisms
  • The effects of co-occurring disorders on families
  • Development of coping skills
  • Loss and grief
  • Stress and anger management
  • Shame and guilt
  • Health education and nutrition

Family members are encouraged to participate in our family support groups and are welcome to visit patients. To inquire about admission, please contact us. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Help is just a phone call away: 844-884-CARE