Adult Psychiatric Acute Inpatient Care

Inpatient mental health treatment is indicated for people experiencing severe mental illness that impacts their ability to function independently and safely.

Palo Verde Behavioral Health (PVBH) provides a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for adults age 18 and up who are going through a mental health crisis in need of around-the-clock treatment. The unit provides a thorough medical, psychiatric and psychosocial assessment, as well as risk assessment for suicide or other violence. Intensive psychiatric care is provided in the form of group, individual, family and psychopharmacological treatment. Length of stay in the PICU is relatively short with emphasis on stabilization and development of a step down treatment plan.


A licensed mental health professional will conduct a pre-admission screening. People can self-refer or their health care providers may recommend us for an assessment.


Medicare and other private insurers may provide reimbursement for our services. PVBH is contracted for services with most major insurance companies.

Help is just a phone call away: 844-884-CARE